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Mens Halloween Costumes from the Movies

Every October 31 the men in the world get the chance to wear Halloween outfits from blockbuster movies. Many Mens Halloween costumes from movies are so popular because they are based upon the iconic figures that we have all feared or had some strange fascination with. When planning for the day's big events research some Halloween outfits that will truly make a party memorable.

Some of the most popular Mens Halloween costumes are Uncle Fester from The Addams Family, Zombie from Dawn of the Dead, and Beetlejuice. These costumes can be purchased online or in most Halloween stores. There are a large number of other Mens Halloween costumes that can make the man the life of the party as well. Now that Jack Black is back in Pirates of the Caribbean, becoming that famous swashbuckler would be a great costume and it will be again this year. Halloween outfits that portray heroes and villains really are so popular. Another popular costume is that of the one and only caped crusader, Batman. Imagine showing up to the party with those bulging muscles and having everyone know that they will be safe at the party because Batman is there. There are a variety of Batman costumes available and there are other superheroes as well. Captain America, Spider-Man, and The Flash can appear any Halloween party and have an effect on everyone that they will all remember.

Some of the more famous villain Halloween outfits include the Joker, Dick Dastardly, and the legendary Darth Vader. If the men of the world are not into being superheroes or villains, they may prefer to dress as infamous serial killers. Everyone knows about Freddy and Jason, but some other famous movie psychos are Leather Face and Scream. Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Scream have thrilled audiences forever and these costumes will strike fear into the hearts of everyone on Halloween. Mens Halloween costumes are also designed so that they can be worn appropriately with younger children. Dressing up as Buzz Lightyear or Woody from Toy Story will make any man a hit at Halloween time, or maybe disguising yourself as Fred or Scooby-Doo is more your style. Regardless of who you choose to be on Halloween one thing is certain. In order to strike the most fear, get the most laughs, or have the most fun you need to dress in a Halloween outfit from the movies
BeetlejuiceBeetlejuice£39.99view detailsBeetlejuice fancy dress outfit Classic Halloween outfit from the 80's film Beetlejuice...
Bloody Drac MaskBloody Drac Mask£47.99view detailsBloody Drac Head and Chest Mask The mask is a full head and neck mask, you simply...
Chucky CostumeChucky Costume£39.99view detailsChild Play Chucky Costume Wanna Play? Probably the creepiest doll to hit our movie...
Decomposed Zombie costumeDecomposed Zombie costume£39.99view detailsDecomposed Zombie costume Zombie from the cult series The Walking Dead Zombie costume...
Freddy Krueger deluxe jumperFreddy Krueger deluxe jumper£29.99view detailsFreddy Krueger Deluxe Jumper A quality jumper to make a quality Freddy Krueger...
Freddy Krueger halloween Costume KitFreddy Krueger halloween Costume Kit£24.99view detailsFreddy Krueger™ Outfit 1980's Classic Horror film by Wes Craven A Nightmare on Elm...
Have A Heart SurgeonHave A Heart Surgeonwas £39.99
now is £34.99!
view detailsHave Heart Surgeon costume Halloween surgeons costume Want to swop hearts well now...
Jigsaw Puppet maskJigsaw Puppet mask£24.99view detailsFrom The movie Saw The Jigsaw Puppet mask Scare the life out of someone with this...
Michael Myers maskMichael Myers mask£49.99view detailsMichael Myers licenced movie mask The mask is a full head and neck mask, you simply...
Pennywise MaskPennywise Mask£49.99view detailsPennywise It Mask over the head mask, One of the most frightening spooky characters...
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